Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Ashlee!

Life has been crazy busy the past couple of weeks. So much has happened I don't know where to start. Eldon and I went to Nebraska with the Murdock Family for my Grammy's funeral. I was a little nervous about the flight but he did great! He was about 4 weeks then. 
While we were gone Cory had an interview with AT Stills (this is the private school here in Mesa). A few days later we found out that Cory was accepted at AT Stills! Exciting news. the following Friday we drove to Flagstaff for his interview at NAU. Cory is on the alternate list for NAU.
So all that means as of right now will be going to AT Stills in August. However, if someone gives up thier spot at NAU we will pick up and move to Flagstaff. But we could find out the day school starts that a spot opened up at NAU. So for now we are just going to plan for AT Stills. Which makes everyone in our family happy because we aren't taking the baby away. 
This was Eldons first bath in his bath tub. He didn't mind it too much, at least he didn't get as cold during his bath. I love his fat little belly in this picture! Callee could not stop laughing, so she wasn't as much help as I wanted while giving him the bath. 
Eldon is now 6 weeks old and weighs 10 lbs and is 21.5 in long. He is growing so much! This picture was taken last friday after Cory got home from work. That is still their favorite position to sleep in! Eldon has started sleeping about 5 hours at night. We are all happy about that.
Today is my 22nd birthday and all three of us are going to go out to dinner. Grandma wants really badly to babysit, but I haven't left him longer than 30 minutes and Cory and I just aren't ready to yet. So maybe next time.