Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This was Eldon swimming after Shane and Josies sealing. We had so much fun. I was suprised we actually got a picture of him smiling. He usually stops when he sees the red light from the camera. 
I know, another bath picture, but how can you not take a picture when he is smiling and giggling?! We had to. 
This is the chair that I got him to sit up in. He loves it. It makes household chores so much easier because I can put him on the counter or table and do the dishes or clean up the house, and he can move from room to room with me. 
Yesterday I babysat my moms friend Aimee's son Kaleb. Kaleb plays l0ts of video games and lots of toys that make noise and light up, Eldon loves him. Kaleb brought Eldon some baby einstien movies to watch, hilarious! So far Eldon likes them. This morning he is talking as loud as he can at the TV. So thank you Aimee and Kaleb. 
Summer school is almost over for Cory, then he gets two or three weeks before AT Stills starts. And I am still working at the salon in gilbert. Basically, our lives revolve around Eldon and school, we're boring, I know. But life is good.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth

We went to the doctor on Wednesday. Eldon is in the 75%-95% in height and weight. He was 17lbs and 25.5 in long! You'd think the chunker weighed more when you hold him. And he got the second set of his shots. It' sso sad when you have to hold him down while they prick him. But he was a total trooper, laughing and playing soon after.
Cory and I are truly blessed with such a good baby. He is so fun, and getting funner every day. He tries real hard to eat his feet, he sings with Cory in the car, and is putting himself to sleep!
We spent the whole day at the McKinnon's for the fourth. I thought I had to work, got there and they sent me home. Cory and Eldon played in the pool with all the cousins. Then everyone played rock band. Good times.
I need to take some recent pictures of Eldon with clothes on. It seems like the only time the camera gets pulled out is during bath time. But I promise I'll get some more on here.