Monday, October 13, 2008

8 months old!

Last weekend my friend Jenna got married and asked if I would do her hair. So I went to Wickenburg to do her hair. On the way Cory and I stopped to see one of Ella's soccer games. She was so stinking CUTE! All the kids were actually. I think there were about 5 kids total who understood what was really going on, the rest just followed to ball up and down the field. Ella go to be goalie and no one scored on her! After the game we went to McDonald's so the girls could play and have lunch. From there I went to Jenna's wedding and Cory and Eldon went back to Christy and Alex's house. Eldon ate his first french fry and loved it! This was also the weekend he perfected his crawling. So he his full mobile now and he likes that he can get away from you or follow you. 
Last Saturday I wasn't busy at work so we went for a bike ride up the canal. About half way through our ride Eldon fell asleep in his chair. Sweet boy! It was so nice on our ride. I could have worn long sleeves and been comfortable. Eldon seems to like his chair, but he loves being outside so I don't think he cares much either way.
We parked our car at Merle and Debbie's and got on the canal from there. We tried to lay Eldon down while we loaded the bikes back onto the back of the car, but as soon as Cory laid him down, he was wide eyed and ready to go. We ended up staying for awhile and Eldon discovered the dog dishes. Thankfully he found the ones without dog food in them and just played with the water. He wanted to help grandma clean the floors.
Jolie will be 1 yr in like 4 or 5 weeks! She always looks so much bigger than Eldon until we get them next to each other. Eldon was jealous that grandpa was holding her and not him! Those two are really funny to watch together. Grandpa can't get enough of them. But that is true for all of the kids' grandparents. 
Sunday morning mommy wanted to sleep in. Daddy and Eldon weren't going to let that happen. Eldon thought he was so funny waking mommy up. He was so funny this morning. I love when he wakes up so happy! That night was a whole other story, but all day he was in a good mood, playing, laughing, babbling, making messes. It's fun on the days  that all three of us get to spend time together. Sunday usually ends up being that day. 

Cory is doing really well in school. He really enjoys everything he is learning and making friends with his group. He just took 7 tests over the two weeks and did really well on all of them. He took Eldon to a BBQ that his group put together and Eldon flirted with the girls. The salon is done and we opened two weeks ago. It has been a slow start but I'm staying optimistic. I'm just glad to be done with the place I was at. 

We're staying busy and making as much time as we can for eachother and to see family. I can't wait until we're done with school!