Monday, March 2, 2009

So I know these are about a month after the event, but at least I am getting them up! =) These are from Eldon's birthday...
It doesn't look like it, but he really did like the swings. He kept going back to them and once he stopped moving he would laugh and want to go again.
This was how we told the family what the new baby is... it's hard to see but, it is the ultrasound picture. We have a perfect shot from the bottom, so you see the legs and the little pee pee between the legs and the tech typed "Its a boy" on the screen. We thought it was funny.
Eldon digging into his cake. We got a carrot cake from Costco and he really like the cream cheese frosting...
This was the first bite he took.
My in laws have this little dog and Eldon LOVES her. They brought her to the park but you could never tell who was walking who; I think most of the time Roxy was in charge and he would just follow holding onto her leash.
This is my cousin Holly's oldest girl, Avery. She is so funny, she's the little boss. I was really surprised because I wasn't trying to make a big deal about Eldon's birthday so I didn't even think that my aunts or cousins would want to come. But Peggy, John, Jeanne, Avery, and Macey came with my grandma Lou. It was really nice of them.
The little man is growing up so fast! He has 6 teeth now, runs all over the house, loves the play with other little kids, and actually plays with them now, he loves reading books and singing songs, talks all day long, I just wish I knew what hew was saying... It's going to be fun with two!