Friday, April 11, 2008

2 months

It is so funny to see the many faces that these two make. Eldon is the mini Cory. The final update on school: Cory was accepted to NAU. But we decided to stay in the valley and go to AT Stills. We sent in the paperwork and money, so its final, no more going back and forth. We are staying!
So I know there are very few pictures of me on here, but thats because I'm usually the one taking the pictures. This was Eldons first Easter. We spent the majority of the day at Grandpa and Grandma McKinnon's house. 
This is what Eldon does when he is hungary, sucks on dads nose. Yummy! Cory thinks its really funny. 
This is our nephew Kayden and our niece Ella. They were showing off thier Easter eggs. Merle and Debbie had just gotten back from a trip to Australlia the night before and the kids are wearing the gifts grandma and grandpa brought back for them.
Eldon, Aunt Callee, and I ran some errands toghether. We left in a hurry and mom forgot to bring more diapers. The little man pooped out the one I had just put on him 5 minutes before this picture. We were an hour away from home and there was NO WAY I would let him sit in his yucky diaper, so Callee and I riged one up using the blankets in the car and a hair band. I've started keeping a bag of diapers in the car as well as the ones in the diaper bag.
I had to put another bath picture for comparison of how big he has gotten. Our little fatty is now 13 lbs and 23 inches long! He had his 2 month check up on 4/8. This was the visit where he got his first set of shots, Cory had to come with me because I was too chicken to go alone. I am so glad he came. Eldon was so sad! He cried more in the past 2 days than he has since he was born.