Monday, August 25, 2008

Life Update

Eldon has done homework, played music, looked on the internet with dad since he was born. Now Eldon thinks every time Cory's on the computer he needs to be there too. We had to get a computer with more space for AT so the white computer is mine to play with, but Eldon likes it too, so I might have to share. 
My best friend from high school, Jennie Bennett, came to see us last week. We went swimming with her 2 little girls Payslee and Brylee. Payslee, who is 3, really wanted to hold Eldon, so we let her. It was so funny! Brylee is close to 2 I think and Eldon was as tall as her! 
Kayden and Eldon. Unfortunately, Kayden and his parents moved to Utah last week. Eldon and Kayden would play and Eldon would cackle at Kayden. Eldon misses his buddy. hopefully they will come down soon so we can see them all again, we miss Kasey and Vanessa too.
Eldon LOVES to drink from cups, water bottles, anything he sees us drink off of. He usually drenches himself, as you can see, but its hot outside, he'll dry.
Eldon can sit up by himself now. He's still a little wobbly, but if you lay him on his back he grunts and looks like he doing an ab workout because he wants to sit up so badly. He really likes to play in the water, so bath time takes a little loner than it used to. Eldon will get the wash rag wet then suck the water out, dip in the water again and suck the water out again. Kinda funny. 
So that's what we've been up too.
I'm still liking work, the girls I work with are great. It's a little slow because of summer, so if you need your hair done I'm open! 
Now that I have my own kitchen and my stuff I've been cooking more. I have expanded my menu from the 3 things I could cook to about 6. hehe. I keep trying new things, well new to me. Cory's favorite is my lasagna, and I'm going to try using the crock pot I got as a wedding gift. Glad I kept it. lol. 
Fun stuff.

First Day of School!

Today Cory starts AT Stills! Finally, right?! We went to an ice cream social last night and met a few other people that will be in the program, one couple we really liked. So hopefully he and Cory are in the same group. 
Cory looked very nice for his first day. He had to dress business casual so he wore a white shirt with black lines, dark khaki pants, with a black belt, and his tennis shoes. He
 really wanted to wear his ASU hat, but I told him they probably wouldn't think that was business cas. So he had to style his hair. It was early for me so I spaced getting a picture of him, sorry. 

Eldon went to the doctor on Wednesday. He weighed 18 lbs 14oz and 26.5 in long. He wont get anymore shots for 6 months. So thats nice.