Monday, November 10, 2008


Eldon has been teething i feels like FOREVER! But after months and months of waiting and wakeful nights and finger chew toys HE CUT A TOOTH! 
More than anything, I'm just excited that I can start letting him try new foods, things he needs a tooth for. Now we can't let him chew on our fingers or faces anymore. So far he isn't liking that, but he loves apples!

Happy Halloween

This was Halloween night. We took Eldon trick-or-treating in Merle and Debbie's neighborhood. I really wanted Cory to dress up as a tiger but he wouldn't do it. In fact he said he wasn't going to dress up at all, and he ended up wearing the same costume as he did two years ago, the ninja turtle. Eldon was Calvin from the comic book Calvin and Hobbes. I thought EVERYONE knew who Calvin and Hobbes were, but I was mistaken, and NO ONE I've told has known who they are. Calvin is a very creative trouble maker and Hobbes is his stuffed tiger, this is who I wanted Cory to be, who comes to life for Calvin and helps him think up his mischief. Very funny stuff.

This was the whole group we went with, Patrick and Jolie, Christy, Cory and Eldon, Ella, and Marin. And I'm the on with the camera. The girls were hilarious! 

This was the Friday before Halloween at the Harmony Park Ward party. Well it ends up being a HUGE thing for the whole neighborhood. I was at work so Cory tried out Eldon's costume and took him over. By this point Eldon was ready to pass out, he was SO tired. They both had a really good time though.

This is my cutie. Sometimes, rare, Eldon will take a really good picture and I LOVE when we can catch the cute smiles and faces he makes on film. He's not quite to the point where he'll pose for pictures. 

Monday, October 13, 2008

8 months old!

Last weekend my friend Jenna got married and asked if I would do her hair. So I went to Wickenburg to do her hair. On the way Cory and I stopped to see one of Ella's soccer games. She was so stinking CUTE! All the kids were actually. I think there were about 5 kids total who understood what was really going on, the rest just followed to ball up and down the field. Ella go to be goalie and no one scored on her! After the game we went to McDonald's so the girls could play and have lunch. From there I went to Jenna's wedding and Cory and Eldon went back to Christy and Alex's house. Eldon ate his first french fry and loved it! This was also the weekend he perfected his crawling. So he his full mobile now and he likes that he can get away from you or follow you. 
Last Saturday I wasn't busy at work so we went for a bike ride up the canal. About half way through our ride Eldon fell asleep in his chair. Sweet boy! It was so nice on our ride. I could have worn long sleeves and been comfortable. Eldon seems to like his chair, but he loves being outside so I don't think he cares much either way.
We parked our car at Merle and Debbie's and got on the canal from there. We tried to lay Eldon down while we loaded the bikes back onto the back of the car, but as soon as Cory laid him down, he was wide eyed and ready to go. We ended up staying for awhile and Eldon discovered the dog dishes. Thankfully he found the ones without dog food in them and just played with the water. He wanted to help grandma clean the floors.
Jolie will be 1 yr in like 4 or 5 weeks! She always looks so much bigger than Eldon until we get them next to each other. Eldon was jealous that grandpa was holding her and not him! Those two are really funny to watch together. Grandpa can't get enough of them. But that is true for all of the kids' grandparents. 
Sunday morning mommy wanted to sleep in. Daddy and Eldon weren't going to let that happen. Eldon thought he was so funny waking mommy up. He was so funny this morning. I love when he wakes up so happy! That night was a whole other story, but all day he was in a good mood, playing, laughing, babbling, making messes. It's fun on the days  that all three of us get to spend time together. Sunday usually ends up being that day. 

Cory is doing really well in school. He really enjoys everything he is learning and making friends with his group. He just took 7 tests over the two weeks and did really well on all of them. He took Eldon to a BBQ that his group put together and Eldon flirted with the girls. The salon is done and we opened two weeks ago. It has been a slow start but I'm staying optimistic. I'm just glad to be done with the place I was at. 

We're staying busy and making as much time as we can for eachother and to see family. I can't wait until we're done with school!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BIG things are happening

So the first thing that is changing is this little guy!  He is growing so fast. He has discovered clapping, and LOVES when you sing to him. Unfortunately I don't remember exactly what was going on when we took this picture, but Eldon just got a bath and that's why hes only in a diaper. I think Cory was singing to him, and Eldon started to clap with him and laughing really hard. 

Next Eldon is in a big boy car seat. He is way too heavy for his carrier and is breaking mine and Cory's shoulders. He doesn't mind the seat too much but he looks so uncomfortable when he falls asleep in it. He does like that he can see out the window as we drive. It's funny to listen to him babble in the backseat.
This was soo cute, Cory sets the boy on his chest and Eldon usually slaps Cory's face, sticks his fist in Cory's mouth, etc. This night Cory was singing patty cake and Eldon sat and clapped his hands and "sang" along. 
Cory is now in his 4th week of PT school and he loves it. It's intense but he's keeping up so far. He comes home and watches lectures of the muscle and tendons of cadavers! In their lab he gets to touch the cadavers! yuck. He likes it though. I guess the anatomy teacher wants to hold a haunted house in the cadaver lab on Halloween.
Eldon has started making his way around the house! He doesn't go forward very well, but backwards, he's all over backwards. He now knows that when he scoots back it gets him somewhere. So he pushes himself back turns and pushes some more. Only problem with that is he ends up under the TV, couch, stuck between something, and starts hollering for someone to rescue him. I swear I don't ever see him do any of it. I take my eyes off him and he's gone. 
This was today. I gave him a Gerber bitter biscuit not knowing it would make such a mess. I had to give him a bath to get the cookie off him. What you can't see is the cookie that is caked onto his legs, arms, and he even got it inside his shirt! But it kept him busy for about 15min. I got the dishes done! It was worth it. 
My big news is I am opening a salon! The way it is set up is, I pay weekly like a booth rent, but I have a room all to myself. We have to have a salon licence and everything you need for your own business. So I now work/own Designer Image Salon.
I am going in with my friend Jeanne who has done this before. I am SOOO excited about this. It will be good. Now I wont be getting color on my counters or my mom's, or Debbie's, I can come and go as I please, I wont have to deal with crazy salon owners, etc. It'll be good. And now everyone can get the salon experience. 

Monday, August 25, 2008

Life Update

Eldon has done homework, played music, looked on the internet with dad since he was born. Now Eldon thinks every time Cory's on the computer he needs to be there too. We had to get a computer with more space for AT so the white computer is mine to play with, but Eldon likes it too, so I might have to share. 
My best friend from high school, Jennie Bennett, came to see us last week. We went swimming with her 2 little girls Payslee and Brylee. Payslee, who is 3, really wanted to hold Eldon, so we let her. It was so funny! Brylee is close to 2 I think and Eldon was as tall as her! 
Kayden and Eldon. Unfortunately, Kayden and his parents moved to Utah last week. Eldon and Kayden would play and Eldon would cackle at Kayden. Eldon misses his buddy. hopefully they will come down soon so we can see them all again, we miss Kasey and Vanessa too.
Eldon LOVES to drink from cups, water bottles, anything he sees us drink off of. He usually drenches himself, as you can see, but its hot outside, he'll dry.
Eldon can sit up by himself now. He's still a little wobbly, but if you lay him on his back he grunts and looks like he doing an ab workout because he wants to sit up so badly. He really likes to play in the water, so bath time takes a little loner than it used to. Eldon will get the wash rag wet then suck the water out, dip in the water again and suck the water out again. Kinda funny. 
So that's what we've been up too.
I'm still liking work, the girls I work with are great. It's a little slow because of summer, so if you need your hair done I'm open! 
Now that I have my own kitchen and my stuff I've been cooking more. I have expanded my menu from the 3 things I could cook to about 6. hehe. I keep trying new things, well new to me. Cory's favorite is my lasagna, and I'm going to try using the crock pot I got as a wedding gift. Glad I kept it. lol. 
Fun stuff.

First Day of School!

Today Cory starts AT Stills! Finally, right?! We went to an ice cream social last night and met a few other people that will be in the program, one couple we really liked. So hopefully he and Cory are in the same group. 
Cory looked very nice for his first day. He had to dress business casual so he wore a white shirt with black lines, dark khaki pants, with a black belt, and his tennis shoes. He
 really wanted to wear his ASU hat, but I told him they probably wouldn't think that was business cas. So he had to style his hair. It was early for me so I spaced getting a picture of him, sorry. 

Eldon went to the doctor on Wednesday. He weighed 18 lbs 14oz and 26.5 in long. He wont get anymore shots for 6 months. So thats nice. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This was Eldon swimming after Shane and Josies sealing. We had so much fun. I was suprised we actually got a picture of him smiling. He usually stops when he sees the red light from the camera. 
I know, another bath picture, but how can you not take a picture when he is smiling and giggling?! We had to. 
This is the chair that I got him to sit up in. He loves it. It makes household chores so much easier because I can put him on the counter or table and do the dishes or clean up the house, and he can move from room to room with me. 
Yesterday I babysat my moms friend Aimee's son Kaleb. Kaleb plays l0ts of video games and lots of toys that make noise and light up, Eldon loves him. Kaleb brought Eldon some baby einstien movies to watch, hilarious! So far Eldon likes them. This morning he is talking as loud as he can at the TV. So thank you Aimee and Kaleb. 
Summer school is almost over for Cory, then he gets two or three weeks before AT Stills starts. And I am still working at the salon in gilbert. Basically, our lives revolve around Eldon and school, we're boring, I know. But life is good.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth

We went to the doctor on Wednesday. Eldon is in the 75%-95% in height and weight. He was 17lbs and 25.5 in long! You'd think the chunker weighed more when you hold him. And he got the second set of his shots. It' sso sad when you have to hold him down while they prick him. But he was a total trooper, laughing and playing soon after.
Cory and I are truly blessed with such a good baby. He is so fun, and getting funner every day. He tries real hard to eat his feet, he sings with Cory in the car, and is putting himself to sleep!
We spent the whole day at the McKinnon's for the fourth. I thought I had to work, got there and they sent me home. Cory and Eldon played in the pool with all the cousins. Then everyone played rock band. Good times.
I need to take some recent pictures of Eldon with clothes on. It seems like the only time the camera gets pulled out is during bath time. But I promise I'll get some more on here.

Monday, June 30, 2008

New House

We moved on Saturday! Well Cory did it all, I went to work. But I helped pack and unpack. Oh my gosh it feels so great to be out on our own agian. 
One more month and Cory Starts PT school, which is 1/2 a mile from where we live now. 
Eldon is great! We take him to the doctor on Wednesday. I'll update more then with some new pictures.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

So we took these pictures about 2 weeks ago. Jolie (this is Christys youngest) is about 3 months older than Eldon. When you pick up Jolie she is super light and Eldon feels like a sac of potatoes. We wanted to see how close in size they are to eachother. We weighed them also and they were within a pound of eachother. 
They were so sweet together, smiling, talking, and holding hands. I am so glad that we are staying here for school so Eldon can have a better relationship with his cousins. 
To catch everyone up, I have gone back to work in the salon. I love it! Cory watches the baby while I'm gone. Cory graduated for ASU in May with a BA in Exercise and Wellness but he has to take 2 more classes for AT Stills.
So not a lot has changed, we're still busy with school and work and baby. 

Friday, April 11, 2008

2 months

It is so funny to see the many faces that these two make. Eldon is the mini Cory. The final update on school: Cory was accepted to NAU. But we decided to stay in the valley and go to AT Stills. We sent in the paperwork and money, so its final, no more going back and forth. We are staying!
So I know there are very few pictures of me on here, but thats because I'm usually the one taking the pictures. This was Eldons first Easter. We spent the majority of the day at Grandpa and Grandma McKinnon's house. 
This is what Eldon does when he is hungary, sucks on dads nose. Yummy! Cory thinks its really funny. 
This is our nephew Kayden and our niece Ella. They were showing off thier Easter eggs. Merle and Debbie had just gotten back from a trip to Australlia the night before and the kids are wearing the gifts grandma and grandpa brought back for them.
Eldon, Aunt Callee, and I ran some errands toghether. We left in a hurry and mom forgot to bring more diapers. The little man pooped out the one I had just put on him 5 minutes before this picture. We were an hour away from home and there was NO WAY I would let him sit in his yucky diaper, so Callee and I riged one up using the blankets in the car and a hair band. I've started keeping a bag of diapers in the car as well as the ones in the diaper bag.
I had to put another bath picture for comparison of how big he has gotten. Our little fatty is now 13 lbs and 23 inches long! He had his 2 month check up on 4/8. This was the visit where he got his first set of shots, Cory had to come with me because I was too chicken to go alone. I am so glad he came. Eldon was so sad! He cried more in the past 2 days than he has since he was born. 

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Ashlee!

Life has been crazy busy the past couple of weeks. So much has happened I don't know where to start. Eldon and I went to Nebraska with the Murdock Family for my Grammy's funeral. I was a little nervous about the flight but he did great! He was about 4 weeks then. 
While we were gone Cory had an interview with AT Stills (this is the private school here in Mesa). A few days later we found out that Cory was accepted at AT Stills! Exciting news. the following Friday we drove to Flagstaff for his interview at NAU. Cory is on the alternate list for NAU.
So all that means as of right now will be going to AT Stills in August. However, if someone gives up thier spot at NAU we will pick up and move to Flagstaff. But we could find out the day school starts that a spot opened up at NAU. So for now we are just going to plan for AT Stills. Which makes everyone in our family happy because we aren't taking the baby away. 
This was Eldons first bath in his bath tub. He didn't mind it too much, at least he didn't get as cold during his bath. I love his fat little belly in this picture! Callee could not stop laughing, so she wasn't as much help as I wanted while giving him the bath. 
Eldon is now 6 weeks old and weighs 10 lbs and is 21.5 in long. He is growing so much! This picture was taken last friday after Cory got home from work. That is still their favorite position to sleep in! Eldon has started sleeping about 5 hours at night. We are all happy about that.
Today is my 22nd birthday and all three of us are going to go out to dinner. Grandma wants really badly to babysit, but I haven't left him longer than 30 minutes and Cory and I just aren't ready to yet. So maybe next time. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Today Eldon is 11 days old. He sleeps really well throughout the night, only waking up twice before we get up with Cory in the morning. He is really funny to watch as he sleeps because he is very animated. He coos ans grunts and pulls all kinds of faces, smiles one minute to scowls the next. 
He had his first doctors appointment last friday and he is back to his original birth weight of 7 pounds. The doctor said everything looks great. He's eating so much better and is starting to stay awake longer between naps. He looks around a lot and seems very alert. He has been such a blessing, Cory and I couldn't be happier.

This was Eldons first bath with Daddy. He didn't like the cold very much but loved the rub down afterwards. 
He is such a cuddle bug. It doesn't matter who he's with, as long as they are snuggling him. 

Sunday, February 10, 2008

He's HERE!

The official arrival of Eldon Charles McKinnnon is February 8, 2008 at 5:12 am. The dates on the pictures unfortunately are wrong, but we didnt realize it until it was too late. He came out at 7 lbs. 2 oz. and 20 in. long. 

But he's finally here! And he is so sweet. He's not much of a cryer, hopefully he stays that way. He loves being cuddled and loved on. His favorite place to sleep is on Daddy's chest. Thank heaven he looks like his dad, practically perfect in every way. 


Both Cory and I are doing well, tired, but good. We're just so excited that Eldon is finally here. Especially Ashlee because now she can roll over at night, well, kind of. 

Friday, February 1, 2008

Cory and I got back from Utah last Saturday night. We went up there for an interview at the University of Utah, one of the physical therapy programs Cory applied to. So fingers crossed for something good!
Eldon is due anytime now. I am officially in the first stages of labor, meaning he's dropping and I am dialating. We can't wait to see our little man!
Right now it's just been work and school for Cory and baby, baby, baby for me. Everything is going.

Monday, January 14, 2008

lets see if I did it

Merry Christmas. This is my test run.