Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BIG things are happening

So the first thing that is changing is this little guy!  He is growing so fast. He has discovered clapping, and LOVES when you sing to him. Unfortunately I don't remember exactly what was going on when we took this picture, but Eldon just got a bath and that's why hes only in a diaper. I think Cory was singing to him, and Eldon started to clap with him and laughing really hard. 

Next Eldon is in a big boy car seat. He is way too heavy for his carrier and is breaking mine and Cory's shoulders. He doesn't mind the seat too much but he looks so uncomfortable when he falls asleep in it. He does like that he can see out the window as we drive. It's funny to listen to him babble in the backseat.
This was soo cute, Cory sets the boy on his chest and Eldon usually slaps Cory's face, sticks his fist in Cory's mouth, etc. This night Cory was singing patty cake and Eldon sat and clapped his hands and "sang" along. 
Cory is now in his 4th week of PT school and he loves it. It's intense but he's keeping up so far. He comes home and watches lectures of the muscle and tendons of cadavers! In their lab he gets to touch the cadavers! yuck. He likes it though. I guess the anatomy teacher wants to hold a haunted house in the cadaver lab on Halloween.
Eldon has started making his way around the house! He doesn't go forward very well, but backwards, he's all over backwards. He now knows that when he scoots back it gets him somewhere. So he pushes himself back turns and pushes some more. Only problem with that is he ends up under the TV, couch, stuck between something, and starts hollering for someone to rescue him. I swear I don't ever see him do any of it. I take my eyes off him and he's gone. 
This was today. I gave him a Gerber bitter biscuit not knowing it would make such a mess. I had to give him a bath to get the cookie off him. What you can't see is the cookie that is caked onto his legs, arms, and he even got it inside his shirt! But it kept him busy for about 15min. I got the dishes done! It was worth it. 
My big news is I am opening a salon! The way it is set up is, I pay weekly like a booth rent, but I have a room all to myself. We have to have a salon licence and everything you need for your own business. So I now work/own Designer Image Salon.
I am going in with my friend Jeanne who has done this before. I am SOOO excited about this. It will be good. Now I wont be getting color on my counters or my mom's, or Debbie's, I can come and go as I please, I wont have to deal with crazy salon owners, etc. It'll be good. And now everyone can get the salon experience.