Monday, November 10, 2008


Eldon has been teething i feels like FOREVER! But after months and months of waiting and wakeful nights and finger chew toys HE CUT A TOOTH! 
More than anything, I'm just excited that I can start letting him try new foods, things he needs a tooth for. Now we can't let him chew on our fingers or faces anymore. So far he isn't liking that, but he loves apples!

Happy Halloween

This was Halloween night. We took Eldon trick-or-treating in Merle and Debbie's neighborhood. I really wanted Cory to dress up as a tiger but he wouldn't do it. In fact he said he wasn't going to dress up at all, and he ended up wearing the same costume as he did two years ago, the ninja turtle. Eldon was Calvin from the comic book Calvin and Hobbes. I thought EVERYONE knew who Calvin and Hobbes were, but I was mistaken, and NO ONE I've told has known who they are. Calvin is a very creative trouble maker and Hobbes is his stuffed tiger, this is who I wanted Cory to be, who comes to life for Calvin and helps him think up his mischief. Very funny stuff.

This was the whole group we went with, Patrick and Jolie, Christy, Cory and Eldon, Ella, and Marin. And I'm the on with the camera. The girls were hilarious! 

This was the Friday before Halloween at the Harmony Park Ward party. Well it ends up being a HUGE thing for the whole neighborhood. I was at work so Cory tried out Eldon's costume and took him over. By this point Eldon was ready to pass out, he was SO tired. They both had a really good time though.

This is my cutie. Sometimes, rare, Eldon will take a really good picture and I LOVE when we can catch the cute smiles and faces he makes on film. He's not quite to the point where he'll pose for pictures.