Monday, January 5, 2009

December went by TOO fast!!!

Ok so I have been REALLY bad this past month. I am sorry, life has been busy! So I'll work backwards in these pictures from  today to november. 
Cory went back to school today from his 2 week break. It was so nice having him home. First day back and he had a test! Great fun for him. I've been staying busy at work, which is good, but I could always be busier... New Years was fun at the Clouse's House. Eldon stayed up all night!! And slept in the next day =) Christmas was great!
We had Christmas Eve dinner at our house with my mom and sister, then did gifts in the morning with them. Eldon got an apple in his stocking and worked on it all morning! We were almost done opening gifts when he decided to kind of play with the paper. Then we went to the McKinnon's house and did breakfast and gifts there. This was the first year since Cory and I have been married that everyone (except Jimmy) was there for gifts and breakfast! It was really fun. We also found out that day that Tyler and his fiance Nikki are going to have a baby! We're excited for that! Then we went to my Dad's house and had all of my favorite side dishes over there. And surprise, Grandma Lou flew home from Nebraska that day. =) 
Dad and Eldon were cheeseing it up in this photo. We are trying really hard to take lots of pictures. Eldon makes so really hilarious faces and its nice when we can catch some on film. My goal for his year is to put together a photo album of Eldons first year. I would love to put together our trip albums as well, we'll see how that goes. We are good at taking photos, just not printing them out... stupid digital!
Eldon started standing without anything to hold onto around mid november. He uses the couch, coffee table, chairs, moms legs, anything really to walk around, then he plops onto his butt and crawls. The last few days he's been getting braver. He's take one or two stpes before he plops. Today he took about five steps and walked from Cory to me! That was SOOO exciting! OMG I almost forgot! He said his first word sunday night. We were at Shane and Josie's and were getting ready to leave and Eldon started waving and said "Bye" Of corse we all got excited and scared him so he'll never do it agian... but he said it and Shane and Josie heard it too! (By the way, congrats to Shane and Josie on thier pregnancy also!) 
I made a roast with mashed potatoes and thought we'd see how Eldon liked them. This was before Thanksgiving. We originally had some on his tray, but he saw the spatula in the bowl of potatoes and he started eating them out of the bowl with the spatula. I thought this was the last picture we took of the night, he was COVERED in potatoes! He has them all over his hands, arms, shirt, face, onhis eyes and I think he had it in his hair. It was so cute. Cory and I laughed so hard! Eldon LOVES real food. he still only has the one tooth but I'm hoping he gets a few more soon. He wants to eat everything and its hard because he chokes on half of it because he cant chew it all the way.
So that is pretty much what has been going on. A lot of running around, chasing Eldon, work, school, OH YEAH and I'm pregnant agian! I'm due the beginnig of July. I got in for an ultrasound the end of January and hopfully they'll tell me if its a boy of girl. =) We're excited. Hard to imagine having two kids though...