Tuesday, September 8, 2009

wow so much has happened in the past 8wks! eldon LOVES being a big brother. anything he can do with (or to) archer he does. he throws away dirty diapers or throws them across the room, he puts lotion on him, helps bathe him, tries to feed him,and he always wants to hold him. if archer crys he crys too, although eldon is usually the reason archer is crying. 
archer is such a joy! he smiles all the time, coos, and already laughs at dads stupid jokes =) arch is such a relaxed baby, hes perfectly cantent to chill in his chair or the love sac. he sleeps about 8 hours at night and only crys when eldon is tasting him or im not getting to him fast enough.
we have more pictures of him but i am having some trouble with my computer and getting them uploaded.
i think i am six months pregnant here, but we took eldon camping for the firstt time! it was so cold! but it was fun. we were on a ward camp out and my friend brea was in charge of the activity, so we had to show our support and go. plus daddy got a new tent and a bunch of camping gear for his birthday and easter so we had to try it out. =)  i love this picture!
cory finished his first year of pt school! wahoo! only 2 more years left. its weird thinking that hes going to start working soon, he will have a grown up job. 
im not working as designer image anymore, i seperated from my partner and am sub leasing from another girl in the building. so now i work all by myself, its really nice. and i've discovered the joys of cooking! i really love it, i just hate doing the dishes afterwards.


Brea said...

I truly squealed when I saw the chunky monkey! HAHA Oh man I miss you guys! Archer is getting SO big! and what a huge help Eldon is being... haha LOL!

I will have to agree that the pic of you guys in the tent is such a great picture! It needs to get printed out and put on the wall! wink wink... =) I am so glad you guys decided to come. It was fun and stressful!

Jeff and Mandy said...

Heya girly! So where are you guys nowadays? Sounds like you are truly BLESSED to have such a good baby. So should we "betrothe" your Archer and my Mackenna?? LOL! It was good to see some pics! Keep in touch!