Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So as you have all heard I enrolled back in school. I am taking 2 classes, nutrition and spanish. I really didnt think this nutrition class would take up so much of my brain power! I can't get over how boring the class is and the information is pretty common sense stuff, but scientific names are hard for me to remember. Spanish is fun but HARD too! I love going to school and learning and meeting new people. But WOW there are some serious cobwebs that need to be cleared out of my brain! hahaha.

The boys are great! Cory is almost done with his first rotation and hes doing so great! Eldon is almost 100% potty trained, bed time makes me nervous. Archer is running all over the place. And they are having so much fun in our new house.
Christy adn her family live about 10min from our house and Eldon wants to play with Jolie everyday! Its so cute, best buds! Karis doesnt know what to think about Archer, but he wants her to play with him.

This month is busy busy busy. (But when is it not?) Brea, my bestest friend, is coming in town for a week to visit, her sister in law is getting married (Go Aryn!), more of our friends are leaving the state, and halloween is around the corner! Ive been keeping myself entertained with some furniture refinishing projects, and decorating the house. Hopefully I will have this house all put inoreder in time for thanksgiving... hahaha

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